1 December 2011

Fat ball thief caught on camera ..... and the reddest robin ...

Apologies for dreadful photos - taken a few minutes ago through the kitchen window (which could do with a bit of a scrub lol)  but I spotted the fat ball thief and grabbed the camera which was on the kitchen table!  The naughty squirrel picked it up in his paws and chewed through the green net

he jumped down, ripped off the netting and proceeded to feast on the fat ball!

and our little robin (who is the most beautiful colour - don't you agree?) just looked on in amazement!

again, sorry for the quality of the photos, but it's not often there is a camera handy when I see something interesting!
See you soon, Mary G


kath said...

cheeky little blighter..is he going on the naughty step and wow that is one fabulous robin redbreast...hugs kath xxx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

Fab photo's love the one of the squirrel running off with the fat ball
Lindsay xx