14 September 2013

Tea bag decoration ...

My sister and I spent a happy hour last night getting covered in glue and glitter - this was our first attempt at 'tea bag folding' maybe we should have used double sided paper? or looked at the instructions more carefully?  It's not quite right but we both liked our hanging decoration, we made one each - (yesterday morning I saw something similar  on Jeannes blog and was inspired to have a go - hers was gorgeous!  I'll keep practicing!)

I used flat gold cord, stardust stickles and a clear round diamante embellishment from

see you tomorrow for the Ribbon Girl September Colour Challenge
Mary x

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Queenie Jeannie said...

I think it looks beautiful!! There were three linked videos, showing three different folds. There are literally HUNDREDS, and they are all wonderful. Have fun and keep playing!