3 April 2017

The Potters Wheel .........

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We had a great time at a ceramics workshop at Sunderland Uni on Saturday - me and Andrea and my sister Jackie and her daughter Joanne threw pots all day, well that's what we tried to do but it's much harder than it looks!! Sitting on a very hard seat, bending forward and 'controlling' the clay is not only uncomfortable for the back, but jolly hard work!  I think I might just stick to paper crafting but take my hat off to all who can slap a lump of clay onto the centre of the wheel and produce a beautiful bowl, cup or vase in a no time!

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Sitting on the floor is James our tutor (a giant of a lad, about 6ft 6" tall).  James, who was very entertaining, is currently doing his Masters at Sunderland, and was a contestant on the recent Great Pottery Throwdown Challenge on television - unfortunately he didnt make the final - he was an excellent tutor.  This photo shows me in the naughty corner (I wonder why) then Andrea then my sister Jackie

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Woohoo, look what we made, mine is the second row along, not hard for me to decide which 3 pieces to choose to be fired!

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We were very attentive students!

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My neice Joanne is helping me choose which pots to throw in the slurry bin

If my 3 pieces are still OK after being fired then glazed and fired again I'll put a photo on here, will take a couple of weeks

thanks for looking, see you soon, Mary x

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Janette said...

I love pottery and this looks wonderful fun,not at all as easy as they make it look, I did alittle at school, many years ago, but the funding was cut and that was that, your pots look really good, can't wait to see the final results....x