23 April 2016

Birthday card for Hannah ...

My friend Eva, who is now housebound, asked me to make this birthday card for her best friend who has been extremely kind so I tried to make it just a little bit different to a standard square card.

I used 'Field Lilies' 12x12 paper pad by Galeria Papieru and White and Pink lily flowers, peach cherry blossom, white spray, rose leaves, cream hip rosebuds, white cosmos daisy, 16mm pale peach satin ribbon, peach small beaded berries all from  www.ribbongirl.co.uk 

it took me a while to figure out the folds and where to glue the ribbons so everything was neat,  but I was very pleased with the end result and had great fun.  This new paper is really nice to work with and the designs and colours are excellent

thanks for looking, see you soon, Mary x

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Kelly Lloyd said...

This is just beautiful x