10 April 2016

Gift Box with scent of lavender ....

I paintd the edges of a plain heart shaped gift box with white acrylic paint, then covered with some of the new papers from the Pion 'Scent of Lavender' papers.  I used 'Fields of Purple' and also the stripes on the reverse on the side of the box, and the image on top was from the 'Images from the Past' sheet

This photo shows the 15mm lilac satin edge sheer ribbon on the bottom of the box, with some purple loopy trim adhered on top (I used 6mm and 3mm double sided sticky tape)  At the top of the box I added some of the new 'Jennifer' pale lilac lace then topped that with 4mm white flat back pearl trim

My flower arrangement includes a lilac ballerina blossom, lilac/white two tone cherry blossom, purple beaded berries, purple/white two tone hip rosebuds, rose leaves, vintage violet 15mm paper roses and white heather springs.  

The bow behind the flowers is 15mm satin edge sheer ribbon and purple button twine

see you soon, Mary x


lin70 said...

Wow this box is so beautiful. xxx

Silvia Jacinto said...

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