12 October 2011

Mid October in my garden .....

You might have noticed I am trying to be disciplined and blog every day - so no projects today but I thought I would show the back garden before the trees lose all of their leaves - we have a lot of evergreens so the garden never looks dull, but the recent strong winds and rain have encouraged the autumn leaves to drop fairly quickly and we'll soon have a mountain of them from the big trees behind the hedge

Just look at his gorgeous sunflower growing in the pot which contains our yellow climbing patio rose-  I didn't plant the seed - it must have been dropped by one of the birds after they had been to the bird table

This beautiful red begonia was a gift from our friends Sue and Joe for our ruby wedding anniversary back in July - still going strong even though it is mid October!  I'm hoping we can save the corm and replant next year
We're making the most of these pots and will enjoy the flowers until the first frost - then we'll replace them with the pansies and primroses in the blue box
Wow, just look at this crop of berries - enough to keep the birds going for a while!
I'll be back tomorrow with a baby card
Mary G x


Chrissy said...

Gorgeous garden Mary...all your pots are so pretty...I'm just coming into spring where I live...so enjoying getting out every other day after work and pottering around now the heavy clean up is done.


kath said...

wow mary still loads of colour in your beautiful garden...your pots are looking luscious....enjoy before the winter weather sets in again...hugs kath xxx

Mau xx said...

Love the garden Mary, We also have lots of green and my new hedges planted this year have now got berries. We love our birds and they are better fed than us...lo

Mandy said...

Hi Mary, thoroughly enjoyed my little ramble around your garden, what a fab sunflower!


Teddy Large said...

Hey, awesome sunflower you have there. Do you put fertilizers on it or do you even use fertilizers for it?

Doll Kids said...

Wow! You've got a really impressive collection of flowers! Congrats on it!