8 September 2017

A new doll .....

A small doll made with a new pattern -  tiny body, very thin arms, large round head and jointed legs.  It's taken me ages, a bit of sewing here a bit of sewing there in between other crafting,  and I found it very fiddly and confusing to make, but nevertheless I persevered and am quite pleased with the finished dolly which is only to look at, not to play with.  I even searched for my knitting needles and knit her a scarf!  

View from the back showing the lined jacket with hood.  The skirt is made from pink tulle lined with pale pink spotted cotton.  To give you an idea of the size of her head, the little hat is actually 0-3months baby hat from Asda!

and a view of her sitting down - I bought the shoes via Ebay

Thanks for looking, see you soon,
Mary xx


Janette said...

Well she was worth the trouble Mary, she is adorable, how cute and those little shoes...wow...love her..xx

Lynne said...

Oh she is so sweet, I love her little hooded jacket too x