14 September 2017

Tilly dressed for a special occasion - a Tilda cloth doll with a gorgeous hat!

Tilly is a fairly tall doll which I made from a Tilda pattern and I'm sure she wouldn't look out of place at even the poshest wedding!    Her dress is trimmed with 25mm white frilled lace, her pantaloons with 12mm white frilled lace and her coat with 16mm antique white fine cotton 'Allison' lace. Her necklace is 3mm lilac satin threaded through a flower shaped two-hole sparkly button.  I painted the shoes with fabric paint and adhered a 5mm pearl to look like little buttons.  Her eyes are tiny dots of fabric paint and her make-up included some of my blusher :-)

The hair is made from black wool, which I pinned on then stitched.  Her hat is made with a bottle top and a disc of card (thanks for the idea Wilma Heida), covered in fabric and embellished with 20mm lilac paper roses, pink open rose, lilac two tone hip rosebud and some 15mm lilac satin edge sheer ribbon.  I added feathers for even more height.

A close up of her coat - the coat was actually made from a dress pattern for another dolly, but it was too small so I split it up the front, overlocked the edges and added the lace trim to make a coat for Tilly - luckily it matches her pantallons

thank you for looking, and see you soon
Mary xx

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Janette said...

Love these long tall dolls, how you get those arms and legs right I have no idea, must be very fiddly, more patience than I , but I do so love them...gorgeous work again...xx