6 October 2010

Quick and Easy Golden Wedding Cake

Due to my shoulder surgery in May and problems making cakes and rolling out marzipan etc, this golden wedding cake started with a couple of plain fully iced cakes from good old M&S. 

I had to make them appear bigger and I  added satin ribbon with gold lurex edge around the boards and cake bases, then gold beaded twisted cord around the cake bases (all from the wedding/diamante section).  The bottom cake was stood on a circle of polystyrene into which silk roses and flowers with 2 inch stalks had been inserted.  The cake was then stood on a golden charger plate. 

The cake divider was actually an empty plastic ribbon reel edged with yellow stretch ruffle ribbon.  Again, artificial roses were stuck onto the centre of the reel with sticky foam pads. 

The decorated ribbon reel was placed on top of the bottom cake

A couple of flowers and a few bunches of flat gold cord were tied into a small posy and positioned on the top of the small cake - very effective, quick, easy and absolutley no hassle and best of all, Daisy and Davey were delighted with it!

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Brodders said...

Absolutely gorgeous xx